Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91 Review

In this Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91 review, we are discussing this new all in one laptop from the house of Acer that comes at a budget price. If you have fancy it an all in one desktop but have kept away because of the price, then this might be the one you should consider.

With a price tag of under $600, this all in one computer is primarily aimed at the light and mid-range users. The desktop as a great fit for students as well as home users who will not need a lot of firepower under the hood. The fact that you’re getting a display with the desktop eliminates any extra purchases and helps in getting everything in the same package. Is this desktop worth your money? Let’s find that out.

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If we hadn’t talked about the budget price, you wouldn’t have taken this for an affordable desktop computer. The first impression of the desktop is quite good. It does not feel like a cheap device which is a testament to Acer’s design language.

The primary material of construction is plastic. But Acer has managed to use good quality plastic and with a brushed finish, the material takes the look of a metal which gives it a premium look. The durability of the device is also quite good as there are no flexes or creaks when handling the desktop.

The form factor of the desktop is quite thin. When looked from the sites, you can see that the device is pretty thin all-round except for the part where the desktop components are available. The stand is also quite sturdy and does not wobble much. The display can tilt forward and backward which is great for those who would prefer some flexibility.

The personal computer weighs just around 12.4lbs which makes it one of the lightest all in one desktop computers out that. You can easily move this thing around as it is a lot easier to lift when compared with other all-in-one PCs.

In the input devices department, you get a wireless keyboard and a mouse. Having wireless devices is perfect in this set up as it keeps it clutter-free. The downside here is that you have to charge your keyboard and mouse separately which adds to your workflow.

The keyboard is perfect for typing and helps you maintain your speed and accuracy. The mouse is the standard one and works as advertised. Overall there are no complaints when it comes to the input devices on this desktop.

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The design of the display is one of its best features. The display we have here has a modern look and is an edge to edge display on the sides. The upper bezel is a bit thick because of the HD camera that can come in handy for making video calls. The lower bezel has the Acer branding but it doesn’t take that much of a space.

The display we have on the Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91 is a 23.8 inch LED-backlit IPS display that comes with full HD resolution. This is a widescreen display and is perfect for most users. The display has a maximum brightness of 261 nits and it is sufficient to work in both office and home lighting. The black level of the display is also quite good which is enough to ensure good color quality.

The widescreen display is fantastic as it gives you the freedom to run two Windows side-by-side. If you are someone who loves to be productive, then this display can help you achieve just that. The display is also a good choice for media consumption as it comes with excellent colors and fantastic viewing angles. You will also find this display handy when working on office applications and such.


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The processor that powers this Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91 desktop is an Intel Core i3 processor that belongs to the 10th generation of Intel chips. This is a mid-range dual-core processor from the house of Intel and clocks with a base frequency of 1.20 GHz. On paper, this looks like an entry-level processor and one shouldn’t expect too much from it.

But in real life, this processor does a pretty good job when it comes to handling your everyday needs. The processor can utilize turbo boost and can clock up to a maximum of 3.4 GHz which should be more than enough power For most home users and students. You can also do some amazing stuff even if it in walls a bit of heavy lifting.

The memory department on this device comes loaded with 8GB of DDR4 type memory. This memory is perfect to handle this desktop and will also allow you to run several applications together without impacting the overall performance of this personal computer.


The storage department on this desktop comes with a 512 GB solid-state drive. This SSD is a lot faster than your traditional mechanical hard drive. For a budget desktop computer, including an SSD is a masterstroke from Acer, and that alone single-handedly improves the overall performance of the device. The SSD is fast and brings performance enhancements all across the board. The presence of a supercharging element like an SSD is essential in a budget device and Acer has utilized it to the max.

Gaming And Connectivity

The Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91 desktop does not have a dedicated graphics card. When it comes to handling your everyday graphics requirements, you have to rely on the inbuilt integrated graphics card from Intel. If you like to play casual games, this graphics card will pose no problem at all.

But if you are a fan of mid-range games and some graphically demanding titles, then you may have to compromise a lot. This integrated graphics card is not designed for high-end gaming. Having said that, certain graphics stuff like designing and working on photos can be done without any issues, provided the projects are simple.

You get quite a few options when it comes to connectivity. There is a couple of USB 3.2 gen one ports for data transfer and external connectivity. You also get a couple of USB 2.0 ports for the same purposes. The lack of a USB type C port is evident and its presence could have changed our opinion about the connectivity department.

In addition to the sports, there is also an HDMI port, an ethernet port, and also an audio jack. The desktop also comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity for easy and interaction with external devices. The presence of 802.11ac Wi-Fi gives you the freedom to not use the ethernet port for high-speed internet connectivity which is nice.

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Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91 Review Wrap Up

The Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91 all in one desktop is a beautiful looking device that comes at an affordable price. It is not a desktop computer without any flaws, and there are a handful of problems that could only be offset by spending more money which destroys the purpose of affordable devices.

When it comes to performance, this personal computer is suitable for students and home users who do not need a lot of processing power. It looks great and works just as one would expect. If you’re looking for a stylish, affordable, and reliable all in one desktop computer, then this one might be it.